Shattered Heaven – Check Out New Game+ Spotlight

Shattered Heaven - Check Out New Game+ Spotlight

Previously, developer Leonardo Production shared the Early Access Roadmap for deck builder Shattered Heaven. Among the promised additions is the New Game+ mode that will be arriving in July. Now the devs have taken to the official Steam page to outline what you can expect from it.

The New Game+ option will unlock after you have completed the main campaign and will not be directly tied to your standard campaign game saves. Here’s what sets it apart from simply starting a whole new playthrough from scratch:

  • You will start a new campaign with every hero card from the standard campaign already unlocked.
  • You will unlock brand new Hero Cards after defeating certain bosses.
  • Enemies will be tougher, showing up in different party configurations, and with a few surprises along the way…
  • Neutral Cards drafts will always include the full pool from the standard campaign + a new set of Neutral and Adaptive cards!
  • Skill Point and Orb rewards are doubled!

New Game+ will also feature additional harder game difficulties. During the next few weeks leading to the update, the team will reveal some of the new cards you can expect to find along the way.

Shattered Heaven is a tale of war and sin, of hope and salvation. Guide three unlikely heroes through a washed-away world filled with bloody challenges, incredible perils, and difficult choices. But, be wary of the consequences! Your decisions will shape this journey into the unknown: side with unlikely allies, fight powerful foes, and witness your fate in three different Story Endings

Check out our Demo Impressions to learn more about the game.

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