My Friend Pedro Goes Bananas 20 June

My Friend Pedro, one of the highlights of Devolver Digita’s rather fruity E3 2018 conference is ripe for the picking. On 20 June 2019, My Friend Pedro arrives on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Developer Deadtoast Entertainment and the always eccentric Devolver Digital first let Pedro slip out into the wild at last year’s E3 conference and it wowed us all. A flashy mix of Matrix-style gunplay and its very own time warp made for some stunning set pieces. Bullet time acrobats and a wealth of combat options allow players to flip kick, dodge, swing and slide their way across a 2D horizon that gives little quarter.

A Total Fruit Basket

This bonkers side-scrolling shooter follows the fate of a nameless thug as they set out on a quest for blood. This unnamed assassin isn’t the only protagonist to blaze across the screen either. Joining this journey, soaked in the blood of the mob, is a floating sentient banana. The ensuing brutal approach to combat, strategic use of split aiming, slow motion, and the direction of a sentient banana all collide together in an eventful scenario that constantly crafts a series of sensational action sequences.

Despite its awesome looking combat, this is not a twitchy point and shoot affair. My Friend Pedro requires some definite forethought. Crashing into each area of attack, players must take the angle of attack, ammo, ricochets, momentum, and obstacles if they are going to leave nothing but a trail of body parts.

This bewildering gun ballet instantly had my attention when I got hands-on at EGX Rezzed and I think you’ll find it pure-ed fruit gold. If you’re interested in something very different then you can pre-order your flavor now from the Nintendo Switch eShop or Steam Store for PC. Early pickers will find a 15% discount on the normal cost of $19.99 and you can find out more about Pedro at the official My Friend Pedro website.

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