JetX Takes to the Skys April 11

Developer Singularity Lab has just announced the release date of their upcoming racer/shooter JetX. This Sci-Fi arcade racer combines the intense speeds of a racer with an arena shooter or some serious intense PVP combat. Throw in some unique flying mechanics and multiple game modes and you have an intense PVP experience.

JetX offers some pretty interesting mechanics:

  • Various game modes including deathmatch, endless-race and boss fights
  • Full freedom of movement in a low gravity environment
  • Old school PVP competitivity and leaderboards
  • Full PVE support through an intense Bot system

The game is scheduled for release on April 11 on PC and VR. This PVP racer can be picked up on Steam for 12.99 USD. As a special promotion for the first week of release, players will be able to pick up JetX for 9.99 USD. Be sure to check out the trailer below or head on over to the official site for more information.

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