Jingle Beans As We Grab This Festive Fall Guys Christmas Jumper

Fall Guys Festive Christmas Jumper-2

It’s fluffy, warm, and you can fill it full of cute little beans, The Fall Guys Christmas Jumper is out now.

Halloween is done and the winter season is incoming. The nights are getting dark but that doesn’t mean that you have to freeze your beanie bits off. Numskull Designs, the same team behind everything from Sonic tree decorations to Destiny themed Tubz Ducks have gifted us with a brand new bit of cosmetic merch for fans of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This time, however, it’s not a Godzilla style skin for your in game character.

Check out this new Fall Guys Christmas jumper. For those of you that want to buck the trend of cheesy green and red garments, then this cheesy bright neon number will certainly stand out under the Christmas tree. Let’s be clear, this jumper will absolutely not give you the ability to tumble through crowds of beans, but it looks like an awesome companion to your festive cracker crown and won’t go unnoticed. Knitted from 100% premium yarn, this jumper shares the same colourful charm as the beloved beans, with plenty of added festive cheer to help spread the Christmas spirit.

Ok, this is a novelty bit f nonsense, but really right now we all need it. The Fall Guys Christmas Jumper will be releasing this November and is now available to pre-order from selected retailers found on the Numskull Designs website. It is set to cost us all £34.99/$44.99 (USD)/ €39.99/$69.95 AUD / $79.95 NZD / $59.99 CDN but that’s the price of festive cheer. Until the middle of the month hits, you can pass the time until this jumper arrives in a wild world of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a fun filled online competition with cute beans and cruel obstacle courses. To find out more about this phenomenon, check out the Fall Guys website now.

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