Mechstermination Force Review

Giant robots have attacked the Earth, and no one knows what to do until a small group of armed forces decides to take matters into their own hands. You have been initiated into the Mechstermination Force with no training whatsoever, and now it is your job to save the world from impending doom. Will you take your place amongst the heroes of the planet? This is our review of Mechstermination Force.

From Developer and Publisher Hörberg Productions comes the next boss rush game you didn’t know you needed, Mechstermination Force. When giant mechs attack you do what you have to do and kick their metallic butts. As you progress through the game you will encounter different types of mechs, and each of them will have their own unique way to beat them. There is also an area where you can upgrade your character. There is a little bit of everything for you in this game. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Platform games are some of the best, and this one plays like Contra Hard Corps from the old days. Take out the beginning levels you run through to get to the bosses and that is exactly what it is. You get augmented before your battle starts as opposed to earning powerups throughout the level. Your base is a small level where you can talk to a few people to purchase upgrades, to learn more about what is going on, and to head out into the field to accomplish your missions. This is a required area if you want to survive. Here you can upgrade your health and your weapons once you have enough money.


The bosses are pretty standard, and hard. They wouldn’t be bosses if they were easy right? Bosses that will crawl, and walk all over you. They encircle you with their bodies and have electrical fields trying to kill you. You have to attack them and find their weak spots, and then take them out as fast as you can. The further you go into the game, the harder, and more complex, the bosses become. Finding a way to beat them will become more of a trial and error workout for your brain. Every boss is able to be beaten if you figure out how.

You can choose your character and then decide whether you want to play by yourself or with someone. This game offers local co-op play for up to two players and will make defeating the bosses that much easier. This is the best part of side-scrolling games for me. The ability to play with a friend, or in my case, my son. It is good to share a type of game with him that I would have played in my youth. The graphics are similar to games from that time period and the backgrounds, the bots, the players all look and feel really good. The music in the game is pretty good as well but much less of a focus for me in this type of a game without full levels.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Nintendo Switch with a code provided by PR.

Overall, Mechstermination Force is a pretty good title for the Switch. I wish it had full levels like games had in the ’90s. It would feel like a much fuller game, and I think people would have a lot more fun. For the very low price of $11.99 USD, you can’t go wrong with the purchase of this game. Just be sure all you want to do is play against bosses. Other than that, have lots of fun with this game.
  • Good Graphics
  • Quick and Easy to learn
  • Platformer without the platformer levels
  • Boss Rush lacks immersion into the game story
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