Juicy Realm Gets Mobile Update and Lan Crossplay

Juicy Realm, the roguelike food fight from X.D. Network is getting a mobile update and a brand new LAN Crossplay mode today.

On the go players of X.D. Network’s top down comic adventure Juicy realm is due to get a big update today. The mobile version of the title will get a co-op update for this title. The co-op update on mobile will allow gamers to get together and combine forces on mobile as they take on a range of deadly fruits that are intent on conquering the world and its pantry. Players on both iOS and Android can grab the update today and get ready to assist their friends.

More Updates

To add to the co-op update, developer SpaceCan has bestowed a LAN crossplay option for the rest of us. Anybody cutting up fruit on PC, Nintendo Switch, or Playstation 4 can find other payers to help out on the local network. While it might not be the LAN parties of old, it should at least allow a little family assistance if you need help with the challenges of Juicy Realm. You can get a glimpse of the action at the new trailer above.

These updates should already be live by the time you read this so gamers getting into Juicy realm can summon help right away. Juicy Realm is a bright comic cartoon shooter that finds players blasting their way through roguelike scenarios where the fruit has mutated from a pleasant snack into monstrous man eating creatures. Youll need to explore this strange new world, where the food chain is all upside down, and loot a variety of special items to help you adapt to any potential situation. Head over to the official Juicy Realm social media pages for more information or pick up this fruity title on PC, via Steam, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch.


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