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Survival MMO Last Oasis entered Steam Early Access phase in late March, receiving mixed response from the community. Since then, the developers have been hard at work on gathering feedback and acting according to it, fixing issues and enhancing the title’s gameplay. After period of silence, Donkey Crew’s producer Lucas Stannis offers some insight into what’s happening behind the scenes.

Due to the situation we dealt with during the weeks surrounding the game’s launch, on top of the global pandemic and the team shifting to a remote work environment, there has been a lot of transitions and adaptations happening. Until recently, we were in what you could call “crisis management mode” to recover from technical issues, both visible and invisible to the players. We’ve been dealing with resolving internal communication problems, plus giving our team much deserved and needed breaks after working long hours for many weeks in a row after the launch. This has culminated in some unplanned silence from us to the community. We’ve been figuring out what we want to share, how we want to share it, when we want to share it, and those plans have continued to change while we’ve watched the reactions to the things we put out.

The devs are working on a roadmap, and it’s almost ready to be revealed. The issues of zerging and enhancing the game’s solo experience are currently the top gameplay priority for the team.

Last Oasis team also participated in Future Games Show, introducing the upcoming Volcanic update:

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