Layers Of Fear VR Is Coming To Haunt Your PSVR

layers of fear vr comign to psvr

Layers of fear VR, the all encompassing horror from Bloober Team, is coming to PlayStation VR in April.

Due to load fear onto PlayStation VR as of 29 April 2021, Team Bloober’s Victorian Horror escapade is the latest move to port the Polish studio’s fearsome catalog of scares into popular VR platforms. The outfit behind the recent release of The Medium has now confirmed they are about to plunge PSVR players into the depths of madness when they take control of a painter aiming to finish his Magnum Opus and nothing goes as planned.

Not Quite An Old School Horror

Set back in the Victorian era, this psychedelic horror unfolds in a large mansion where the protagonist slowly succumbs to the less than mundane surroundings. As the house constantly shifts around you, players will find macabre artwork decorating the hallways and twisted puzzles in your way. However, this is less about getting out alive, and more about finishing that painting. As you uncover the visions, fears, and horrors that fester around this house the painting is all that matters.

Designed to make you question the virtual world around you, Layers of Fear VR comes from a team with something of a pedigree in the horror genre and upon landing in 2016, publisher by Bloober Team received a mostly positive response. If you’re ready for a dark and twisted tale then get the crayons out and head over to the PlayStation Store. Layers of Fear VR is available on 29 April for PSVR, via the PlayStation Store, at a cost of $19.99. PC players can pick it up right now on Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift / Oculus Rift S and HTC Vive.

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