Lock’s Quest Loading Onto Mobile

Lock's Quest

Lock’s Quest, the classic real-time strategy adventure is about to make it onto mobile devices, over a decade after it first hit the Nintendo 3DS.

Publisher HandyGames has revealed that they are taking THQ’s tale of adventure, warfare, and mechanical armies to mobile phones for the first time. After a recent outing on PC, in 2017, this title is now ready to hit iOS and Android devices. For those of you that haven’t heard of Lock and his adventures, the original 3DS release followed the trials of Lock, a young graduate in the art of Archineering. As an architect of magical, mechanical devices Lock can build a plethora of customized towers, traps, walls, weapons, and other objects and he will need them when the vicious Lord Agony attacks.

Locks And Load

Facing towns in ruin Lock quickly becomes the last line of defense against Lord Agony, the Clockwork Army. As his battle begins, Lock must prepare a kingdom under attack. When enemy forces appear, Lock must use his knowledge and resources and build a range of effective defenses against the encroaching armies of Lord Agony. Between the 75 days of warfare that unfold, Lock’s Quest weaves in RPG elements to its tower defense mechanics. Lock travels the long road taking quests, interacting with NPCs and gathering get new equipment for the inevitable attacks that swarm across the land.

That isn’t the end of it either. When battle kicks off in earnest, Lock is able to roam the battlefield taking care of business. Lock can take down enemies, repair towers, and unleash super attacks to change the tide of events. With three distinct elements to this adventure, it is clear why this game is more than just another tower defense cash grab. Unlike many other mobile games, Lock’s Quest is will launch as a buy to play experience. There are no microtransactions and the sum of 7.99 $ / 7.99 € will get you a complete game, no gems and no premium currency. Lock’s Quest is available to pre-order now on the Apple App Store or pre-register via the Google Play Store.

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