Lord of the Rings Online expands with Minas Morgul

Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online is the gift that just keeps on giving. After a dozen years of live service, the MMO continues to expand according to the established lore by Tolkien. Yesterday marked the arrival of the Minas Morgul expansion with a pair of new regions, a new level cap, a brand new 12-player raid, and 250 new quests.

One of the cool new features in the game is a new storytelling element where players can become a hero of the Second Age. In the Mordor Besieged region, Isildur’s shade will help players “embody a hero of a similar class as theirs in visions” that allows them to witness and to participate in historic LOTRO events.

Players can also create a brand new playable character in the form of the Stout-axe Dwarf. These hardy souls have “more athletic body styles, updated animations, and different class options than the Longbeard Dwarves”. Stout-axes also have new customization options for faces, hair, and beard styles. For the time being, players can create a Stout-axe Dwarf if they have purchased one of the three bundled editions of the expansion.

The Expansion includes the following features:

  • Level cap increase to 130
  • Two regions: “The Morgul Veil” and “Mordor Besieged”
  • Seven instances, including 3 and 6 person encounters
  • 12 person Raid against Shelob
  • Over 250 new quests
  • Updated crafting guilds with new perks
  • New playable race: Stout-axe Dwarves
  • Black Book of Mordor Storyline
  • Reveals details of battles from the Second Age
  • Bundles include exclusive titles, cosmetics, Mounts, and more

Learn more about Minas Morgul on the Lord of the Rings Online official site.

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