LucidSound Bring the Wireless LS31 and LS41 to Europe

LS41 lucidsound ls31

LucidSound is unleashing their next generation of cable-free audio to Europe today as the LS31 and LS41 headsets start shipping across the continent.

Available right now, the two latest audio additions to the LucidSound range are touted as the up and coming audio team’s next big thing in gaming audio. Braking free of any wired constraints, the LS31 and LS41 replace the well received LS30 and critically-acclaimed LS40 headset. They come with a refreshed, if familiar aesthetic and come packed with a range of new enhancements for audiophiles and hardcore gamers alike.



The LS31 isn’t just another wireless headset. It offers a balanced mix of price and performance. This new device is compatible with PC and consoles, giving plenty of value and the newly upgraded drivers should deliver even better sound than the LS30. The included boo mic will provide crystal clear chat for when you need to politely admonish your team mates for standing in the fire. If that aforementioned team mate also slows down the raid, then the LS31’s new oval earcup design and flexible headband should see that extended gaming sessions are not interrupted by
aching ears.


The LS41, pictured at the top of this post, is the elite end of these new designs, bringing the same comfort and wireless freedom as the LS31 but adding some awsome sounding enhancements. The LS41 might still be compatible with PC, Xbox, and PlayStation devices but it adds rich DTS® Headphone:X® 7.1 Surround Sound across all current gen consoles. The new and improved USB transmitter design allows for a much clearer connection from the host device and the 20 hour battery life is probably going to outlive my own Molten Core.

The LucidSound LS31 and LS41 are both shipping now and you can find them on major eurozone retailers websites. Alternatively, get a closer look at the official LucidSound website now.


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