MapleStory 2 Chaos Dungeons Moonlight Captain Fortress

The Moonlight Captain Fortress can be quite a chill and aesthetically-pleasing place–if only it weren’t such a difficult Chaos Dungeon. To make your run in this dungeon by the sea a lot easier, check out these tips! With them, you’ll be able to go through one of the more challenging PVE content in Maplestory 2.

Jobs and Numbers

For this dungeon, you need to be level 50 and have 5000 Equipment Points. For group composition, it would be best to have two Priests, two Knights, one to two Wizards, and one ranged DPS class. With this, you’ll have a good balance of offense and defense. Such a setup should also be sufficient enough to give you some time to spare, given the 15-minute time limit.

With such a short time limit, it goes without saying that before entering this dungeon, you should think things through and determine if you have enough experience in running dungeons–especially Chaos Dungeons–or not. This is one of the tougher dungeons there is, so you should have at least intermediate or advanced knowledge and grasp of the game’s mechanics.

Getting the Grades

If you finish the dungeon without any problems, you should be able to land an A rating. However, if you want a higher rating, you’re going to need a smaller party. If you beat the dungeon with just a party of 7, you’ll get the S rating. Doing it with just four will give you an S+ rating.

As the name of the dungeon suggests, you’ll be up against the eponymous Moonlight Captain. He’s got a pretty dangerous set of skills, and you need to know how to not get killed by any of them.

Captain Got Skills

First skill has Captain Moonlight lighting up nearby tiles with the color yellow. The AOE is cross-shaped. If you get hit with this, you’re going to get dizzy, leaving you vulnerable to a follow-up attack. His second skill is a larger red AOE which deals so much damage and is damn near impossible to dodge.

Captain Moonlight’s third skill is a full-screen attack, which means there’s no way for you to physically avoid it. In order for you and your party to not get damaged, your Knight must use skills that will boost the party’s defense or reduce the incoming fray. As for the Priests, they must quickly heal whatever damage is incurred.

Captain Moonlight’s fourth skill has him summoning two mobs which will spawn from two specific points on the map. They can be quite disruptive and even deadly when not dealt with deftly. The best way to take them on is to have either the Wizard or the Ranged DPS climb the platform and take them out from a distance.

The final skill in this boss’s arsenal is that he summons two mobs which will do a spinning attack on the player. These two will lock on a particular player. To deal with this, the one target must go to the area where there are spikes. This will deal damage upon these two mobs.

If you manage to take down Captain Moonlight, you’ll be getting the rewards that you deserve. Among them, the most prestigious is the Proud Glacier set. This consists of a cap, shoes, gloves, and asword. As for the rest of the gear, you can either use them or sell them for essential Maplestory 2 Mesos.

Chaos Dungeons are always tough the first time around. But with a bit of knowledge and experience, they’re going to be a lot less of a hassle. With these tips, your subsequent runs will be a lot like a hot knife slicing through warm butter.

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