How Much Wood Will Your Woodcutter Cut When Runescape Gets A New Update

RuneScape Woodcutters Grove - 3

Runescape’s Fort Forinthry Season is getting a huge new skill when Woodcutting comes to Gielinor.

Get ready for a huge new addition to Runescape. The much anticipate and slightly delayed skill comes to Jagex’s massive MMORPG today. Alongside the new skill, players can expect Woodcutters’ Grove to bring a brand-new training area for woodcutting, a new best-in-slot hatchet, and a ton of other additions to keep you chopping.

This is a massive deal for Runescape aficionados, as the chopping ability is of RuneScape’s most iconic skills. Not to be underestimated, it gives players access to vital resources required to build everything from deadly arrows to mighty forts. It’s also one of the earliest, so there’s something of a nostalgia hit here.

The new Woodcutters’ Grove will soon stand proudly at the centre of a new industry. As a one stop shop for everything tree related, you’ll be able to pick up a trove of diverse trees for pro woodcutters and budding arborists alike. It will also act as the seed that unlocks the most convenient Elder Tree location in the game making the journey from level 1-99 a much less daunting task to take on. There’s also an opportunity to gain the best-in-class Tier 80 Imcando Hatchet. To get this rare object of tree slicing might, you’ll need to collect four fragments of this tool during your adventures. Once combined, they will form a vicious edge, at least for anything evergreen. It might not be as action orientated as Old School Runescape’s Bounty Hunter update, but the trees are trembling, probably.

Like many Runescape skills, this does come with a few caveats. You’ll need to finish Murder on the Border, and Unwelcome Guests to Tier 1 before getting started, level up Slayer to level 10, Construction to Level 50, and be a paying subscriber. To jump in and get into Fort Forinthry: Woodcutter’s Grove on PC, Steam, iOS, and Android check out the official website now.

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