Mario Strikers: Battle League Gets Another New Teaser Trailer

mario strikers battle league new trailer

It looks like Nintendo Japan are gearing up for kick off with a new overview teaser for Mario Strikers: battle League

While the latest instalment in the massively popular Mario franchise isn’t quite here yet, Nintendo Japan seem to be working up to a fever pitch with another new teasers. The latest of these dropped over on the Nintendo_jp Instagram, giving fans of the Italian plumber’s soccer adventures an overview trailer.

mario Strikes intro on instagram picture


The somewhat short trailer primarily consists of the game’s opening cinematic, giving a flavor of the fast paced arcade action and bright aesthetic common to every Mario Strikers title. The latest teaser follows on from another recent reveal that included a mix of gameplay features and character customization. While this new reveal doesn’t provide a huge amount of extra in game content, players will not have tl wait much longer. Mario Strikers: Battle League is set to land on Nintendo Switch in June.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is the third mainline instalment in the arcade sports series and the very first since Mario Strikers Charged launched in 2007. With plenty of hype here, we cannot wait to pick Toad and get out on the pitch. Keep an eye on the official Nintendo social feeds to catch the rest of the lineup before we do, or get a better look at what’s coming on the Nintendo eShop page.

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