Marvel: Future Revolution Aims For Success In Our Hands-On Preview

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Marvel Future Revolution, Netmarble’s newest mobile adventure, is set to superhero land on iOS and Android soon. Before we suit up for real on 25 August, Netmarble drafted us to join Omega Flight and get hands-on with Marvel Future Revolution.

Netmarble’s mobile revolution continues this month when the latest Avengers outing arrives on iOS and Android. The upcoming Marvel Future Revolution follows the South Korean gaming giant’s recent foray into Lineage 2 and Blade & Soul, bringing them onto the small screen. While previous mobile releases in the Revolution franchise fit neatly into the MMO space, Marvel Future Revolution is closer to an on the go RPG that tears the multiverse’s greatest defenders from the newsstand onto a very different format.

Much like Ubisoft’s uneven Marvel’s Avengers, Marvel Future Revolution initially presents itself as a story-driven squad-based RPG, putting players in control of costumes and throwing them into a disastrous scenario with some monumentally bad fallout. The many Earths that exist in the multiverse, see the TV series Loki for a bit more on this concept, are crashing together and a battle rages to stop an established trio of villains from destroying one of these worlds. What unfolds during this opening sequence is more than adequate preparation for players eager to pilot Earth’s mightiest and unveils some significant differences between Netmarble’s new venture and other Revolution titles.

combat marvel future revolutions - iron man attacking AIM minions

A few minutes of exposition aside, Marvel Future Revolution quickly gives players control of characters like Starlord, Spiderman, Storm, and Iron Man. All of these individuals get up close to the action, entering the fray from an over the shoulder perspective. Controls are familiar for anybody that has played an action combat mobile game before. A virtual analog stick is snuggled in the bottom left-hand corner, while a primary action button takes up the other side of the screen. Moving around is as simple as manipulating the virtual controls, while the camera can be managed by dragging a finger around the right side of the screen. Of course, taking down foes means breaking out those superpowers and dotted around the primary attack button are several secondary skills, character-specific boons, and movement abilities.

Thankfully, opening ambushes by the minions of AIM doesn’t require much more than some basic skill spamming but it’s encouraging to see Storm fry opposition with lightning strikes and Iron Man’s arc beam plough through mobs.


Throughout Marvel Future Revolution, combat feels genuinely impactful and authentic. While I’ve got plenty of good things to say about Netmarble’s mobile MMOs, combat has always felt largely clinical. Marvel Future Revolution brings players down into the action, providing great granular control when things kick off without feeling utterly disconnected from the flurry of explosions that reign across New Stark City. Character controls aside, the combat skills and abilities provide plenty of options when trying to take down everything from Ultrons and rogue Asgardians. While some of the characters definitely unpick the limitations of the in game engine and the complexities of porting some very unique superheroes into an expansive game, none of the arc reactor beams, explosive rounds, or combat gymnastics feel out of place and the game provides a decent variety of play styles, but not always in the way you might imagine.


character selection in amrvel future revolution

While RPGs might lock a player into one character and encourage skill diversity through progression systems, Marvel revolutions mostly sidesteps this idea and introduces multiple characters as part of a squad. With several versions of Earth merged into a new reality, a definite nod to Battleworld, there are almost infinite variations of Marvels heroes in this environment meaning you can pick and choose your own team of heroes to swap in and out. This means that you can’t expect more than Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Widow, Star-Lord, Storm, and Iron Man to play with right now, and only costume themed customization. It also, however, provides a variety of player characters, each with a different degree of complexity and a variety of options to mix up content in the mid to later game. After clearing out New Strak City and moving off towards other territories, I found Marvel Future Revolution lies somewhere between Ubisoft’s character-driven Avengers title and the free to play Genshin Impact, allowing gamers to take control and play from the perspective of various heroes.


This squad system, while providing plenty of fantastic new ways to fight crime lords and interstellar enemies, means a ton of progression to get stuck into. Marvel Future Revolution is a mobile game, after all. Each character in your inventory has their own heroes journey, level, gear, and skills to unlock. This is where marvel Revolutions settles into more familiar territory, while the backdrop of high the Stark industries and evil lairs is an incredible experience for Marvell fans, mobile MMO players will be used to gearbox drops, equipment enhancements, and the ongoing challenge and achievement alerts that require attention while using the autoplay system.


Netmarble haven’t exactly gone for minimum effort here, however. The Squad System gets its own power progression system and set of training manuals while my favourite collection system is the Comic book styled Omega Card system where players can loot classic Marvel tales, combining them into entire runs and slotting extra stats. It’s essentially just one of several modified collection concepts but it works so well in this theatre. The attention to detail required to add in entire back catalogues is a wonderful treat for anybody who’s spent way too much time in the back of a comic book store hunting for a variant cover, and this isn’t limited to the card style collection system either. Much as we’ve come to expect from the MCU, the team behind Marvel Future Revolution use this reality-bending crisis to pick from Marvel’s most and least well-known tales of heroism. Whether it’s dropping Omega Flight in early, the foreboding shadow of a victorious Red Skull, or Iron Man armor that only the most dedicated fans will know, this is something of a dip into your back catalog that will hook comic book fans from the off.

We’ve only had a brief romp through Marvel Future Revolutions to date and there are tons more challenges to come as we venture out beyond New Stark City to meet Asgardians, infiltrate Hydra territory, battle through Sakaar, and face the war ravaging Xandearth. When you get hands on you’ll be able to party up with friends to form Alliances, much like guilds, enter the arena, and take on multiplayer operations in real-time. That’s just the beginning of what we’re looking forward to when we can collect Marvel’s greatest and worst heroes in Marvel Future Revolution on 25 August on iOS and Android.

If you’re interested in getting into game with this comic book treat, then pre-registration is still open over on Marvel Future Revolution official website now.

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