Must Dash Amigos Stampedes onto Xbox One

Must Dash Amigos is about to bring Piñata Stampedes, Avocados and a drop of Tequila as it races onto Xbox One next Month. The loco racing sim game is about to tear up your front room on 16 July.

Developed by indie duo miniBeast Game Studios, Must Dash Amigos is a top-down battle racer in the vein of Crash Team that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Filled with sombrero-wearing civilians and masked wrestlers, this Mexican themed competition is about as off the wall as you might expect. While you fend off the piñatas and try to win, up to 4 players can duke it out in race or battle mode to find out who is top Nacho across a number of unusual environments. If you can avoid the Kraken like tentacles and other strange obstacles strewn around the game’s eight arenas then you might get a chance to utilize some of the unusual weaponry on offer.

Kraken Fun

A huge variety of weapons and boosts are available to turn the tide of a race. These include the normal speed boosts and a few more dramatic additions to your arsenal. The Invincibull mount and Gwack-a-Mole Mallet can turn the tide of a race and the Tequila perk can even twist and distort the screen of everybody around you.

Must Dash Amgios started out life as an idea at a Jagex game jam. Thanks to the good graces of the massive MMORPG studio, the two devs responsible for the concept, Ben Lowther, and Anthony Brunton-Douglas, were allowed to take the idea forward. Now it is ready to get into gear and hopes to leave its competitors in the dust. The game already has a Steam page but it looks like the Xbox One has pole position for launch. Minibeast Games will release a PC and Switch version after the initial Xbox Launch. You can find out more about Muse Dash Amigos at the game’s official website.

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