My Beautiful Paper Smile Horror Hits Early Access This Spring

Two Star Games new horror adventure, My Beautiful Paper Smile, is ready to creep into early access and it is coming for you later this Spring.

The follow up to Twi Star Game’s My Friend Is A Raven is a dark, almost dreamlike, indie horror that drags players through a world full of unusual science, spirits, and a dark obsession. The title comes to PC Early Access soon, but we don’t quite have a final date for that yet. It is set to arrive as a series of chapters. The first of these two will release when the game hits Steam Early Access for the first time. The remaining sections will drop during a major update and then with the final launch of the title.

Happy Horror

Players who take on the game will find themselves taking the role of one of the “Joyous”, masked children. Raised in an underground facility and trained to be perfect, things already sound ominous. An authoritarian regime that punishes failure, no sight of the wide world, and no hope of escape makes for a claustrophobic start to this experience. As voices start creeping into your reality, a plan to escape your confinement hatches and things begin.

Published by Vicarious, this title might not have a AA budget of something like the recent Resident Evil remakes, but it is clearly designed to get in under your skin. The strange pencil-sketch world, dark corners that seem to hold unknown dangers, and the voices in your head are all set to unsettle players without resorting to cheap jump scares. While I’m not entirely convinced by the idea of any horror in Early Access, I’’m still willing to give this indie a chance to scare me on a cold dark evening alone. My Beautiful paper Smile launches into Early Access over on Steam. You can find out more on the official website or by checking out the official trailer above.



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