New Contestant Joins the Platform Fighter Scene – Say hello to Icons: Combat Arena


Wavedash Games announced today their new platform fighter, Icons: Combat Arena.  In what appears to be a direct combatant against the ever popular Smash Bros. series.  “Designed from the ground up to be the most accessible yet strategic fighting game available on PC, Icons: Combat Arena will give players a streamlined multiplayer experience where they’ll punch, kick, dash, and slash their way to victory.”

“As a fan of platform fighting games, and having been involved in the competitive side of them for over a decade, we designed Icons: Combat Arena for all those who love online competition,” said Matt Fairchild, CEO and co-founder of Wavedash Studios. “This final closed beta is a major milestone, as we take the best elements of the genre and make them accessible to anyone who owns a PC.”

They are estimating the launch on Steam Early Access on July 12th.

Also announced today is the closed beta will begin this weekend, (May 26-27).  If you’re interested in getting a spot, head over HERE to sign up.

About Wavedash Games
Wavedash Games is an independent game publisher based out of Oakland, California, founded with the express goal of combining seasoned game development talent with grassroots community passion. Our team comes from across the industry: Riot and Blizzard, Bioware and Kixeye, Sony and Twitch, and more. Formed by fanatical fighting game fans, Wavedash aims to bring the fun of fighting games to a broader audience.

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