New World – Ice Bound Alpha Update Details

The developers of sandbox MMORPG New World have detailed the April alpha update titled Ice Bound, bringing a lot of new content to the game.

Players can expect to find a new magic weapon, the Ice Gauntlet, that harnesses the elemental powers of – you guessed it! – ice. The attacks of the Gauntlet scale off of Intelligence, and the weapon offers two mastery trees allowing interested players to manipulate ice in various ways. There is also a legendary quest that can be accessed by level 60 adventurers.

To incentivize PvP action and make the influence race more interesting, the developers have added the ability to fight over forts in a territory outside of Wars. Capturable points have been placed in all territory forts. Players can capture these points by having more members of their faction inside of the point than other factions. Forts that have been captured will remain captured until a different Faction either claims the fort themselves or wins a War for the territory.

New expedition: Lazarus Instrumentality. Legatus Fulvius in Reekwater wants to see a local threat neutralized. Adventure into the Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition and combat the behemoth Chardis! Players must venture into this secret site that may hold the key to the origins of the Ancient Guardians to vanquish this monstrous threat.

New expedition: Dynasty Shipyard. The Empress of Ebonscale is building a fleet of warships. The fleet and the Empress must be defeated for the safety of Aeternum and the world.

The Ice Bound update also adds an Achievements system to the game as a way to keep track of and rewarding various player actions.

Those are just some changes coming with Ice Bound. Check out the official site of the game to find the entire list.

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