New World

new world closed beta

New World – Density Test Will Start July 30

Despite Amazon’s MMORPG New World being pushed to 2021, the developers continue to actively engage the game’s community. The team has taken to Steam to announce the so-called Density Test,...

new world closed beta

New World Pushed Back to 2021

Amazon’s sandbox MMORPG New World was supposed to welcome players to the island of Aeternum on August 25th. However, the developers have taken to Steam to share the change in the release date an...

new world closed beta

New World Closed Beta Is Coming July 2020

New World, the upcoming MMORPG from Amazon Games, is about to give players a glimpse of the frontier when Closed Beta kicks off in July 2020. Announced last night on the PC Gaming Show, the New World ...

New World

Two New World Posts Detail Crafting & Progression

A pair of new developer diaries have cropped up on the New World site that lay out new details about both crafting and character progression in the forthcoming MMORPG. Crafting will allow players to c...

New World - Arenas of the Ancient Guardians

New World – Arenas of the Ancient Guardians

The developers from Amazon have published a new blog post dedicated to a PvE feature in the upcoming sandbox MMORPG New World. While exploring the island of Aeternum, from time to time you might stumb...

Devs Detail the Evolution of PvP in New World

New World Dev Diary – War and Invasions

Despite Amazon’s MMORPG New World being postponed, the developers continue to share their vision of the various game aspects with the community. The latest developer diary is dedicated to war an...

New World Release Date Moved to Summer

New World Release Date Moved to Summer

Due to the rumors of Amazon’s MMORPG New World releasing in May, Game Director Scot Lane addressed the community in a short video to reveal that the entire team had to transition to working remo...

cruicible release

Amazon Games Will Deliver Crucible In May

Crucible, a brand new IP from Amazon Games is set to explode on PC screens and it will release in May. Forget what you know about New World, or the ill-fated Breakaway. Crucible is an entirely unique ...

New World

A New World…or Two?

Such a tragedy to work as a game designer. Striving for years only to watch your work and everything you built your art around change mere months before launch. This is the curse of the maker of digit...

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