Next Red Dead Online update will add player roles

Red Dead Online Roles

The Red Dead Online site has been updated with the big news that player roles are coming with the next patch. These “specialist roles” are considered “unique paths of progression” that provide players with gameplay elements and benefits. Most importantly, role selection allows players to “become even more deeply connected to their character and the choices they make”.

On launch, there will be three roles to choose from:

Bounty Hunter – This role allows players to take part in action “on both sides of the law”. Those who are licensed can chase down targets to capture or kill. Progressing as a Bounty Hunter lets players unlock cool items like an extra-strong lasso for extra tough bounties; gun-spinning tricks; and advanced tracking skills.

Traders are for those who like a few silver…or gold…jangling in their pockets at all times. The goal is to “establish and develop a business from your Camp”. Progressing as a Trader unlocks the ability to upgrade a Camp with special things like a Weapons Locker or a Stew Pot. Players can even get a watchdog to keep them posted when others try to sneak in. Over time, Traders can improve their satchel or add “new assets” to the business.

Collectors explore everywhere and everything looking for items of great value. The rarer, the better. Collectors will be scouting out jewelry, rare arrowheads, and other things that can be sold one-by-one or in sets. Later, skills like “Refined Binoculars”, “Horse Lantern” and a “Metal Detector” will make the collecting easier.

In addition to the new roles, players will also find other improvements:

“Substantial, across the board changes are being made to combat and movement to allow for a more responsive control system that still feels natural. Additional damage reduction to Defensive players is also on the horizon, and the game will now remember your preferred playing style (Offensive or Defensive) when you exit and relaunch the game. There will also be many more lootable items to be found throughout the world, like containers on wagons or the occasional Gold Tooth on an unfortunate soul. ”

Check out the full blog post on the Red Dead Online site.

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