Check Out Overwatch Anniversary Skins, Emotes And More


Couple days ago, Blizzard has released a heartfelt video dedicated to upcoming Overwatch Year One Anniversary. The event will kick in next week, and on May 23rd players will be able to participate. The developers continue teasing new character skins, emotes as well as voice-lines and more. You will, assumably, collect from Anniversary loot boxes. However, the event is still out of reach, so we can only explore tiny bits of available info.

Take a look at some of the upcoming Anniversary goodies from ohnickel’s channel below!

The company also announced Game of the Year edition of Overwatch that will include all pre-order bonuses (such as skins for Overwatch, Mercy wings for Diablo and more). The game will be free to play from May 26th through the 29th.

Also, if you feel like checking out amazing things the Overwatch community has done, you can take a look at Mercy fan-movie “Heroes Never Die“.

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