Paper Dungeons Crawler Enters Steam Early Access

Paper Dungeons Crawler

Indie Developer Agent Mega has released its latest offering, Paper Dungeons Crawler, on Steam Early Access. The game is described as a “ true classic 16 bits Roguelike with a unique specialization system, turn by turn gameplay and draw-to-cast spells.”. Set in the same realm as the developer’s previous title, “Paper Dungeons”, this new title will see characters explore the dungeons of Cyndaria in the hopes of battling dragon bosses, uncovering mysterious lore and collecting the sacred seeds of Cyndaria in the hopes of healing the divine trees of the realm.

According to the games Steam page, players can expect to encounter exceptionally difficult dungeon experiences where every skill and talent must be used wisely in order to succeed. At the moment the developer is focused on further balancing the games many systems and hopes to push the title out of early access in a month. For more information on Paper Dungeons Crawler be sure to check out the Steam Early Access page or watch the trailer below.

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