Parkasaurus Invites You to be a Dino-Wrangler


WashBear Studio wants YOU to become a dino wrangler when Parkasaurus launches for Windows PC in early 2018. This isn’t just any zoo management either since you’ll be designing and managing exhibits to keep your Dinos and your guests happy.

Tell me this isn’t every kid’s (and more than a few adults’) dream job!

Parkasaurus Features

Exhibit Design: Design success – each dinosaur requires a unique biosphere, which means the shape of exhibit, materials used, ecology, plants, elevation and humidity all play a key role in whether the Dinos, and the park, thrive…or become extinct.

Park Creation and Management: Wisely spend resources to build the ultimate Dino Park and turn a profit to ensure future stability.

Guest Monetization: By reading reviews and observing your guests, fine tune the flow and arrangement of your park to maximize the happiness of guests and Dinos alike.

Employee Management: Level up rookie hires, or bring on established veterans, to help run your park smoothly and efficiently.

Time Travel for Dino Eggs: Go back in time to retrieve the hottest (and oldest) Dino Eggs.

Chaotic Dino Escapes: Switch into first person view to handle any Dino rampages quickly and with care, before disaster strikes.

Year Round Challenges: Manage unexpected weather catastrophes, as well as the expected diverse demands each season brings.

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