Pascal’s Wager Now Available for iOS Mobile Devices

Pascal's Wager Now Available for iOS Mobile Devices

Giant Network announced that action RPG Pascal’s Wager is now available for iOS mobile devices via Apple’s App Store for $6.99. The game will be coming to Android devices in Q2 2020, and PC and consoles in the future. As a special launch gift, anyone who buys the game on iOS before the end of March 1st will receive an exclusive bonus costume ‘Heroic Herald outfit’ for Terrence. The costume is expected to be added to the game in February.

In Pascal’s Wager, the world is shrouded in dark mist, where light is dim and mysterious. Because of this, people have become erratic and are confused by the secrets behind it. While playing, gamers will be able to experience the lives of multiple characters. They will engage in an enthralling story while exploring an adventure-filled world lost in mystery. Along the way, players will fight against insurmountable odds, take on diabolically epic bosses, and embrace the tough realities of Truth and Death. All of this is accompanied by an incredibly detailed soundtrack that is second-to-none as it is performed by a full symphony orchestra to deliver a truly masterful experience.

Game Features

  • An incredibly Rich and Deep story told across 8 engrossing chapters
  • Pay to Play without any microtransactions or ads to cheapen the experience
  • Various mysteries, untold stories, and hidden treasures ready to be discovered
  • A deep and engrossing character progression system
  • Substantial post-launch DLC adding to the story and characters
  • Post-launch addition of robust PVP and PVE multiplayer modes
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