PF: WotR Inevitable Excess – Where to Find All Ingredients For His Majesty’s Anguish

PF WotR Inevitable Excess - Where to Find All Ingredients For His Majesty's Anguish

His Majesty’s Anguish is a side-quest in the Inevitable Excess DLC for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Those sowing chaos, upholding order or trying to achieve paradox will find themselves faced with the hangover of one and only King Thaberdine and will be entrusted with a challenge in botany to get the coveted point of Order or Chaos.

The quest requires players to acquire a number of plants to brew a vile concoction called moonshine to heal the ruler from his suffering. A local Trial of Grasses, if you will.

His Majesty’s Anguish tasks players with finding donkey’s moss, retchweed, moldblood root and an anomley scattered across the DLC’s locations. Below you can find the TL/DR list of where to acquire the ingredients and, if you need more help, screenshots with more detailed description.


  • Donkey’s moss – Iz, south
  • Retchweed – Iz, north
  • Gunkberries – Lair of the Spinner of Nightmares
  • Anomley – Threshold
  • Moldblood (Moldbloom?) root – Free Crusaders’ Camp / Commander’s Court

Pathfinder Inevitable Excess - His Majesty's Anguish

Inevitable Excess – Where to Find Gunkberries

Gunkberries can be found in the Lair of Spinner of Nightmares. To get access to the location, you have to accept Hilor’s side-quest Deal with the Spinner of Nightmares. At that point, the Lair becomes a new possible destination for travel.

As you load into the location, ascend the stairs and look at the table on the right side of the room. There you should see a lootable parcel containing Gunkberries.

Pathfinder Inevitable Excess - Where to Find Gunkberries

Inevitable Excess – Where to Find Anomley

It seems that with the release of the latest patch Anomley received a few more drop points. I was able to loot the plant off of a body of Calamitous Keketar guarding a tear in reality by Donkey’s moss.

However, if you didn’t manage to acquire Anomley by slaying the local chaotic wildlife, there is a reliable way to get it from Threshold. If you leave the Crusaders’ camp and run towards the entrance to The Other Side of Threshold and continue running further, you will find a bag containing Anomley on the side of the road.

Now you are all prepared to sow chaos!

Inevitable Excess – Where to Find Moldblood (Moldbloom?) Root

Much like Gunkberries, Moldblood Root (or Moldbloom Root, the game spells the item’s name both ways but it counts nevertheless) requires you to accept a side quest from Aranka, one of the Azata-related NPCs.

You can find her between the Crusaders’ camp and the entrance to The Other Side of Threshold. During the dialogue, inquire about the Portal of Wishes and express the desire to see it for itself. Doing so will start the quest “The Portal of Wishes” and unlock the free crusaders’ camp location for traveling.

Start running alongside the bottom side of the map and eventually you will stumble on a pile of rubbish containing moldblood root/moldbloom root.

Inevitable Excess – Where to Find Retchweed

After accepting the quest His Majesty’s Anguish, you can find Retchweed in the northern part of Iz near the clan hall. Requires passing Perception check.

Additionally, Retchweed can be found in Desolate Hovel if you decide to look for Areelu’s Mythic Energy and pass the check to do so.

Inevitable Excess – Where to Find Donkey’s Moss

Last but not least herb on the list, Donkey’s Moss, can be found in the southern side of Iz in a jug sitting right under the reality tear and guarded by Calamitous Keketar. Requires Perception check.

Donkey’s Moss can also be found inside the Ziggurat, in the same room where you encounter the ghosts of the Lich’s companions.

Acquiring a point of Order / Chaos from the Quest

Collecting all of the ingredients unlocks a new dialogue with the thirsty Majesty. Choosing to use all of the ingredients without the Chaotic option grants you a point of Order.

Deciding to add Anomley at any point of the process grants a point of Chaos instead.

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