PlayStation 5 Development Kit Exists on Twitter

playstation 5 development kit

It appears that the rumors and leaks are true The PlayStation 5 Development kit looks exactly how we thought it did and Twitter has photographic evidence to prove it.

While we were busy stuffing our faces and recovering form a gravy induced coma, it looks like Twitter was busy confirming something we already suspected. Not only is the PlayStation 5 Development kit real but it looks exactly how we suspected it did. After various leaks and concepts making their way into the public domain, photos of the latest Sony development lit surface on twitter over the weekend.

Posted by @Alcoholikaust, the photos match the earlier illustrations that made their way onto the internet months ago and depict the Playstation 5 Dev kit as a square base with a V-shaped protrusion along the top of the box. Alongside the quite serious cooling that the development series seems to contain, the photo includes a controller.

Quite possibly the latest PlayStation 5 controller, this Dualshock style design appears to have a thicker handle and slightly different analog sticks to the current PS4 design. While we can’t be entirely sure without any kind of confirmation, if the phots are real then it looks like the Playstation 5 controller concepts were correct too.

While it is generally accepted that these photos are the real thing, the provide more than just confirmation of a sketch. These photos are also evidence that the Playstation 5 is already on the horizon with developers and studios building games for the platform. There is no indication of when exactly players will be able to press play and get a retail version of the PlayStation 5, or indeed what the boxed version of Sony’s console will end up looking like.

Despite Twitter’s photos, the box in your front room is unlikely to end up looking like the Development kit and should prove to keep the console wars going for another generation, even with the introduction of Google’s Stadia platform. For more details on the Playstation 5 and what games are already in development keep an eye on Gamespace.


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