PowerA MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth Controller Review

MOGA XP-5 X Plus Bluetooth Controller

Play away and stream wherever with PowerA’s Moga XP5-X on the go game controller.

Xbox Cloud Gaming, Geforce Now, Staida, and Luna are just some of the big names vying for attention on your mobile phone alongside the likes of Apple Arcade and we’re set to see if PowerA’s MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth Controller will level up an experience that can sometimes be a bit hit or miss.

Right now there aren’t a ton of options for anybody investing in an online gaming service. Whether it’s taking your Steam library with you or subscribing to Microsoft’s Xbox ecosystem the old faithful AliExpress clip and Xbox controller has been my daily driver of late. The Moga XP5-X is a twist on that convention with some added extras and innovative ideas that will hopefully provide something that’s less of an afterthought and more of a mobile first accessory.

  • Platform – Android Phones, PC, Mobile Gaming
  • Style – MOGA XP5-X Plus
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth 4.2, USB
  • Power Bank – 3000 mAH
  • Weight – 489.88 Grams
  • Type – Controller
  • Dual Macro Buttons
Out The Box

Slipping out of cardboard and plastic protection, the Moga XP5-X Plus is not particularly difficult to get into, and first time hands on aren’t going to level many surprises either. The color choice of black, grey, and green is designed to make the Moga XP5-X Plus easy to distinguish from other accessories but not distract from gameplay. There’s an obvious nod to the official Xbox licensing, but it doesn’t instill any great feelings either way and the subdued safety of a mainly black finish is likely working as intended.

Like plenty of third party accessories, this and mobile and Xbox compatible controller features many of the same design choices that ensure the classic Xbox One handset is still a staple of many desktops. The weight feels near identical to the Xbox alternative in my bag and even the matt black finish on the top of this device feels indistinguishable from the official alternative. Buttons, similarly are all in the right place with only a few seemingly cosmetic variations at first. Turn the Moga XP5-X Plus around and there are some additions and enhancements. Beneath each handhold, PowerA has deployed a rubberized grey finish to help keep better control on moving carriages or intense battlefronts, while the shoulder mounted triggers have a more prominent and angular design than any of the Microsoft equivalents.

In action, this makes the Moga XP5-X Plus a solid mix of familiar, even down to the button clicks. The presentation of this controller isn’t the only differentiator here. The Moga XP5-X Plus comes with a bunch of added extras that aren’t a feature of normal gaming controllers. As a mobile focused device, the Moga XP5-X Plus comes with Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, activated by pressing the Bluetooth button at the top of the handset. There is also the option to switch to wired mode using a button just below the Xbox logo. A micro USB port hosts the wired data connectivity at the top of the controller and PowerA even includes a plethora of short and long USB and USB C cables, so no matter what your setup you’ll be able to plug in and go.

moga xp5


You might have already noticed a standard format USB A port alongside the aforementioned micro USB connection. This primarily gives gamers out on extra long trips to utilize an on board power bank. In order to activate the power bank or check the charge level, there are a couple of discrete grey buttons at the bottom of the controller face. The on board 3000mAH isn’t going to give you an excessive amount of play time, with many budget handsets managing a 5000mAH battery these days, but it is a fantastic feature to have that helps differentiate this device from the rest of the market. It’s just a shame that PowerA didn’t wrap this all up into a single USB C connection for a cleaner design and fewer cables.

Even more on board options are available using the Moga XP5-X’s macro buttons. With a couple of taps, any reasonable set of commands can be quickly recorded and bound to the two triggers on the bottom of the controller. This is all, however, done on board the device. There is no software support and general PC utilization is somewhat limited.

On Board

Thankfully desktop gaming isn’t really the focus of this PowerA device. Instead, the bundled Moga Game Clip and the separately available Moga Game Clip 2.0, emphasize the on the go credentials of this setup. Connecting to any official Xbox controller, as well as their Moga counterparts, the Mobile Gaming Clip will hold a device up to 79mm wide. Primarily designed to accommodate Samsung systems, this cradle might require a little work to get in place but the range of configurations set the Moga setup far apart from other options. Dual points of articulation and over 220 degrees of movement allow the Moga XP5-X or any other compatible device to bring a mobile forward over the controller, balancing the two and taking the strain out of outdoor battles.

Which Button

While the overall design includes a ton of features, the Moga XP5-X has its issues. It feels almost indistinguishable from the Microsoft original when used in game, and as a fully licensed product, it should. It, however, can lack finesse. The number of options and add ons make this a hugely attractive option for anybody with a PC and Android platforms, but switching between them can feel cumbersome. Two USB ports, a set of button presses to switch between DirectInput and Xinput, as well as a total of three included cables, mean that the responsive Bluetooth 4.2 is the preferred option for me.

The Moga XP5-X is a great controller with tons of flexibility. Combined with the Game Clip 2.0, this proves to be a vastly superior mobile gaming experience than I’ve managed to piece together myself. The added extras like the on board power bank, PC compatibility, and macro buttons are either going to be the icing on the cake or largely ignored depending on your situation. That said, the Moga XP5-X will only set you back £69.99 / $69.99 which is great value for a solid commute on the battlefield. The Moga XP5-X Plus can be found over on the official PowerA website now.

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