Prepare To Scale Adversity as Jusant Launches

Don’tnod launches Jusant today, and the trailer is just a taste of the adventure to come.

Jusant is out today across Steam, Xbox Series S|X, Game Pass, and PlayStation 5 and this game is like nothing you’ve ever had to overcome. Mixing an ambient narrative experience, with a unique climbing system, and a puzzler based platformer this title is likely to clamber all over your expectations. The team behind Tell me Why and Life is Strange has released a new trailer to celebrate the start of this ascent up the charts, and explain a little more about the game.

Featuring an unnamed climber and your watery companion, the Ballast, this tale follows players up a mysterious mountainside tower. Along the way you’ll interact with a range of remnants, long abandoned by the people that once to inhabit it, and find a way to unlock the mysteries it holds. While the obvious climb and clamber is involved, the trailer focuses on the central protagonist reconnecting with nature, uncovering the tower’s past, and adapting to climb new and more challenging environments. See more of the game’s beautiful biomes, the Ballast, and the diverse ways you can climb.

With a unique mix of ideas and a wonderful soundtrack, we’re still working our way through Jusant for a full review, but I’m confident in saying this one looks likely to be top of the critics charts by the end of the year. You can find out more on the official website.

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