Press Release: Terrorarium Enters Steam Early Access

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If the term “Murder Garden” piques your interest even in the slightest, you may be interested in the, soon to be released, early access title Terrorarium. Stitch Media has created a “build your own garden” scenario that allows players to utilize hundreds of assets to complete challenges and share them with the community.


It sounds as though Stitch Media has created a builders dream, geared towards putting tiny mushroom people through all kinds of mazes and challenges, but it doesn’t just stop at the levels. Players will also be able to customize monsters to, that no doubt will aid them in (hopefully) passing through those community made levels. If you’d like to learn more about Terrorarium and everything that you’ll be able to toy around with in the early access, check out the press release below. Check out Terrorarium here.

Begin the Press Release:

Terrorarium Moogu

On a scale of one to ten how much would you (secretly?) love sending adorable little anthropomorphic mushroom creatures to their gory deaths? Yep, us too! It’s okay though, the Moogu procreate using the corpses of their dead kin.

You read that right.

Hey, we don’t judge.

Terrorarium in Early Access is all about Maker Mode, where the developers over at Stitch Media are committed to letting you live out that, erm, fantasy. Use hundreds of assets and customisation options to build your own minigames and easily share them with fellow creators. Then, take control of The Gardener aka your new favourite space granny and see if you can defeat the challenges set forth by the community.


  • 100+ customizable unique monsters, deadly plants and dangerous terrain.
  • Embody The Gardener and send your Moogu to their inevitable doom.
  • Quick Play community-made mazes, gauntlets,¬†gardens, or whatever else players dream up.
  • Easily shareable levels: challenge your frenemies!

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