Project F4E Prologue Key Giveaway

Project F4E Prologue Key Giveaway

Prepare to shape the world of F4E as this genre twisting online adventure prepares for a round of pre launch testing, and we’ve got keys to giveaway!

Betadwarf is set to launch a new round of pre launch testing for its upcoming fantasy co-op, Project F4E. Due to kick off on 12 August 2022 the Prologue for this genre twisting title from the team behind Minion Masters is definitely worth a look if you’re interested in something new in the online scene. This blend of MMO, ARPG, MOBA and Rogue-lite systems is a mix of MOBA style controls with the social side of an MMO, and the character progression of an ARPG. Set in a fantasy world where powerful Rifts are shattering reality, you’ll be tasked with teaming up in trios and embark into different expeditions to close the Rifts that are causing so much damage.

A range of classes are available to choose from, meaning you can combine archetypes like the Mage, barbarian, and Druid to complete each quest. Along the way you’ll be able to customize those characters to make that Mage focuses on intercepting the projectiles or even have the Druid kill the enemies by calling on nature to do your dirty work! Get a look at what’s in store in the teaser, below.


While leveling up and boundless character growth are all in a day’s work for ARPG and MMO mechanics, F4E introduces some interesting in game ideas, with a risk vs reward timer that empowers characters the longer they stay in a Rift mission but conversely attracts more enemy attention. With tons of missions across a live world that doesn’t play into instanced tropes, Project F4E is promising a lot, so maybe it’s time to find out if it delivers?

How To Grab A Key

Enter your email in the giveaway box below. You’ll receive a redemption key in your email shortly afterwards.

• Once received, join the Project F4E Discord Server at
• Sending your key to [BD] Sofilia#2377, who will send you a private message when you join the server
• They will answer you with a Steam Playtest Key

Rewards And More Loot

Alongside an opportunity to try out this new title, warriors entering this world have the chance to score a ton of loot just by breaking all the things.

Participants in the Prologue seasons will reward players based on their participation, with the potential rewards. Players can earn Prologue Point (PP) by completing missions every Season. These points will allow the players to acquire exclusive items, Discord roles, and the Buddy edition of the game when it launches, including:

• 100 PP: The Twin Chillers, an exclusive cosmetic that can be used to customize your room in the game
• 300 PP: F4E Buddy Edition of the game
• 500PP: The Chill Table, an additional exclusive cosmetic to go along the Twin Chillers in your room.
• 800PP & more: TBA
Grab a friend and jump into the next Season of pre launch Prologue in Project F4E for free. I know we will be. If you’re still not entirely convinced then take a look at the trailer above, then go raid some Rifts.

To check out more on Project F4E’s pre seasons and how to overcome your enemies in this brand new adventure, check out the official website now.

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