Puddle Knights Splashes Onto Steam

puddle knights

Puddle Knights, a turn based strategy and hilarious take on history, arrives on Steam today.

Available for PC players, this unusual historical puzzler brings mad cape strategy to your medieval quest as developer Lockpickle puts players in control of a knight. Combat isn’t the aim of this particular indie debut from Lockpickle. Instead, gamers picking up Puddle Knight control a cape wielding warrior who must use their cape to traverse a muddy realm.

As a Knight, it is the solemn duty of said warriors to defend the realm, and make sure nobles make it across the map without getting their clothes muddy. Knights must swing their cape, snaking it around a range of enclosed maps to keep things clean. As the player, you will coordinate the movement of both the Knights and their less mud-resistant superiors with the goal of escorting them to their designated exit. Over 100 different challenges of varying difficulty will await players where you will step on heads, tear up capes, hold down drawbridges and perform other inventive tactical maneuvers.

This is a seemingly simple take on tactical movement games where players push both the knight and noble around, in order to meet their goal without any time pressure. Puddle Knights is no Conqueror’s Blade or Kingdom Under Fire 2, the medieval accomplishments of these knights are to keep everybody smelling nice. Puddle Knights is out now on PC and you can find out more about this cool looking mind bender over at the official Steam Store page when the drawbridge finally retracts later today.


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