Put On Your Mask: Zorro The Chronicles Announced

Nacon, PVP Games, and BKOM Studios have announced a new partnership with Zorro Productions Inc. and Canada Media Fund to bring Zorro The Chronicles to gamers around the world. The team is promising a family-friendly adventure game that combines “thrilling combat, exciting exploration, and an immersive experience”. When ready for release, it will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Developers are targeting a June 2022 release date.

In the game, you can be the legendary Zorro or his fearless sister Ines. This fun and action-packed video game is being targeted at all public, as is its hero character Zorro, beloved for nearly a century by young and old alike around the world.

Explore the game’s world with eye-catching visuals as breathtaking as the animated series. Enjoy fun and rewarding swashbuckling combat featuring hilarious yet spectacular finishing moves. Disarm your enemies with a whip, a sword, dazzling moves, and humor! Deflect their attacks with acrobatic moves and lightning-quick reflexes. Leave your mark on them with a ‘Z’ from the tip of your sword!

Check out the Zorro The Chronicles official site to learn more.

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