Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave Announced

Ubisoft has announced the next big update coming to Rainbow Six Siege. Called “Operation Steel Wave”, the event kicks off the game‘s year five, season two. While we have the details of the event, there is still no date announced for when players will be able to dive in on live servers. The event will, however, be on the Test Server later today, May 19th.

Operation Steel Wave features a number of big things including Ace and Melusi, two new operators. Ace is an attacker from Norway while Melusi is a Defender from South Africa.

“Norwegian Attacker Ace and South African Defender Melusi are the two new Operators coming in Operation Steel Wave. As a part of the Norwegian Home Guard, Ace acquired a heroic reputation. Ace is equipped with S.E.L.M.A., a throwable and stickable device that will stick to any vertical surface and slowly destroy up to 3 panels, one after the other. Melusi signed up with the South African National Defence Force to broaden her skillset and fund her field ranger training. Melusi is equipped with Banshee deployable electronic gadgets. It applies a slowing effect to any attackers that are in a direct line of sight. The Banshee can also be used as an intel gadget.”

Other components of Operation Steel Wave include:

  • a reworked House map
  • unified MMR
  • Amaru buff
  • Proximity alarm
  • Addition of Echo Elite set
  • tons of bug fixes and gameplay adjustment

Check out the Rainbow Six Siege “Operation Steel Wave” trailer or head straight to the official site to learn more.

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