Raise Hell As Draw Chilly Launches Today

Draw Chilly comes to PC and Nintendo Switch today and indie developer Azamatika is about to challenge players to get the hell out of trouble.

Brought to life by the same team as Grim Reaper Simulator Peace Death, this pixelated adventure follows the exploits of Vladimir and his squads of intrepid mechanics. These brave and occasionally foolhardy mechanics are tasked with a monumental task to pass your time. They are ordered to raise an entire city from the deepest fathoms of Hell itself. After watching the new launch trailer for this fast paced platformer, I’m still not entirely sure why this band of engineers got the call to this job.

Just Another Stuck Gear?

Things get even more problematic for Vladimir and his team. On their way to the top they will have to fight through evil monkeys, the Grim Reaper’s pet cat, and even more unnatural creatures. They will also take on boss encounters as they ascend, flushing these formidable foes into Hell and the hands of the reapers. Between each massive boss battle, Vlad’s team can collect chickens, produce energy, and unlock a range of extra abilities. As you are working on behalf of Hell, the engineers will not be taking on the denizens of purgatory themselves. Players will be able to summon support from the Horsemen of the Apocalypse to assist in the direst of battles. One a magnet just drop the summon and pick up some special Horseman’s gifts to assist in the battle for the nether realm.

The Horsemen aren’t the only thing players will be able to call on either. You’ll be able to summon a pink worm to slow down your enemies, then use a giant wrench to finish them off with a devastating blow. This is just one of the game’s variety of unique moves

Draw Chilly looks like a very cool retro platformer with a fantastical and utterly odd backstory. You can find out more about this Switch and PC title over on the Nintendo eShop or Steam Store page right now and grab the game for $9.99 .


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