RiftStar Raiders coming this year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Shoot shoot, boom boom, aliens.

Climax Studios today announced the impending launch of RiftStar Raiders coming this year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A SHMUP in the classic vein of R-Type and Armada, RiftStar Raiders takes the action one step further by letting players team up with their friends or strangers in the fight to save the galaxy. The trailer should give you a good look at the action and what to expect from the title. But the official news goes into a bit more detail:

In RiftStar Raiders players will enlist their most reliable teammates to shoot and loot their way through nine unique co-op missions. They will face off in top-down combat against the galaxy’s four most deadly factions, from rival pirate gangs to the AI hive mind known as WarSwarm.

Pilots will maximize their profit by looting cash and perks from adversaries, using them to craft and upgrade their ship’s systems, weapons, shields and boost engines. They can experiment with a wide variety of potential loadout combinations to modify and adapt their play style to each mission. From a tank that takes the hits to a spacecraft that focuses on team support or a damage dealer that goes first into the fight, players need to collaborate and strategize to create the ideal squad.

The Spiral Arm galaxy is under threat from imminent WarSwarm invasion in RiftStar Raiders, as the Federation’s most infamous smugglers and outlaws it is the player’s chance to save the day… and profit.

Our thoughts on RifStar Raiders?

This one seems like it could be a load of fun with friends, but the idea that it only has 9 missions seems a bit short for us. Unless they’re lengthy sojourns into the cosmos, there’d better be a lot of grand replayability via randomization and procedural content to this one.

You can read up more at their official website.

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