Robocop Rogue City Guns For More Views With A Rapid-Fire Trailer

Feel The Metal Arm of the law in this new trailer for Robocop Rogue City

Publisher Nacon is ready to unleash the new face of law enforcement on 2 November 2023. First, the team behind this upcoming chrome plated shooter just unleashed a new trailer to tease fans and inform residents of Old Detroit not to panic when a hulking great metal man comes clomping through the streets. Clocking in at just under 2 minutes of explosive enforcement, this new trailer also crams in a 60 second run down and everything you’ll need to know.

Dropping us into crime ridden streets, it follows huge footsteps of the original Robocop, as resurrected cop Alex Murphy does the rounds between Robocop 2 and 3. Fans of those films might recognize the voice of Peter Weller commanding crooks to cease and desist. The trailer crams in plenty of shots, using a trusty Auto-9 pistol and 20 other weapons. It also glimpses a narrative RPG tale where players can choose to help as they solve crimes using the part man part machine’s extra human capabilities and explore a familiar world.

Of course, we’re going to grab this game. It follows on from Nacon’s less than stellar movie tie in Gollum. Hopefully this title will hopefully do the Robocop franchise justice. If you’re in for a bit ioof future dystopia law enforcement, Robocop Rogue City hits the streets soon. Find out more on the Steam Store page.

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