Roller Champions Is Charging Onto Your Selected Platform Today


Today Ubisoft sent an email about their new free to play game, Roller Champions. It is a simple game where you ride around on roller skates and shoot for a goal to get more points than the other team. The way the goal is setup actually makes me think of the way the Aztech played their game with the stones.

Speaking of throwing rocks, the ball in this game is about the size of a basketball and it is relatively easy to run around the track and score. The fun part. It is a full contact race around a track as you try to take the ball away from the other team, or just try to score yourself. The mechanics are very simple. You can jump, pass, tackle, speed up on down slopes, and more.

The name of the game is to score 5 points to win. You can get one point for going around the track, hitting markers that charge your goal up, and then throw the ball through the hoop. If you go around the track without shooting twice that gives you a 3 point shot and if you go around a third time then you get a chance at a 5 point shot and a game winner.

Jump into the game today and come try it for yourself here.

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