Romancing Saga Re;Universe Now Available Worldwide On Mobile

Romancing Saga Re;Universe, a new mobile RPG from Square Enix, is finally rolling out across the globe but you might not be able to play just quite yet.

After soft-launching in several territories, such as Canada, Square is now pushing this free to play RPG out to consumers across the globe. The full worldwide release seems to have kicked off yesterday and gamers who pre-registered to pick up the game are starting to receive prompts to download the title across the western market. As of writing this news, Gamespace is still waiting for the servers to come online for Romancing Saga Re; Universe and it appears that servers will remain in maintenance mode until 25 June 2020.

re saga maintenance

Romancing Saga Re;Universe is described as a classic JRPG for a modern age. Part of the SaGa series, which certainly fits the classic badge, Romancing Saga Re;Universe isn’t quite the high fidelity 3D mobile title you might expect from other on the go RPGs. Instead, this ode to classic top down gameplay comes with pixel art graphics, a huge roster of heroes, and a fantastic soundtrack from series veteran Kenji Ito. This entry in the Saga series isn’t quite a return to the SaGa series in the way that some fans might expect. Instead, Romancing Saga Re; Universe is largely a stand alone adventure that tells the tale of the Child of Destiny, a warrior born every 300 years. Starting from humble beginnings you’ll expect to build a roster of heroes and head out into adventure, finding your way and saving the world, of course.

If you’re set of adventure then there’s plenty of time before servers go live to head over to the official Romancing Saga Re;Universe website and check out the full details about this new mobile RPG. story of the Child of Destiny, a warrior born every 300 years. Is available to download across your local iOS App Stores and Android Play Stores now.


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