RUMOR TIME: World of Warcraft’s Next Expansion Leaked?

If you’re a fan of learning everything there is to know about games before they actually happen, this article’s for you!

Rumors are swirling about the Interwebz today about World of Warcraft. If the information published at IMGR is true, the next expansion is called Veil of Shadows.

WoW Expansion RUMOR


It seems that several new race / class combos will be introduced including Night Elf Paladins and Draenei Warlocks. You’ll find that there are several more sprinkled across several classes and races.

Fans will also be pleased to hear that some of our favorite villains and heroes will be making a return. This includes Vol’Jin. He will pull off quite a feat  if he does return. The last time we saw him, his body was burning on a pyre in Orgrimmar. However, being a student of the Death Loa, a “god” that literally can stop death, it seems that anything may be possible.

You can read more of the rumors by heading to to check it out!

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