RuneScape Revamps PvP Action In The Wilderness

RuneScape, the long running MMORPG from Jagex, is set to spruce up PvP with a huge update to The Wilderness.

Players prepared to die by the sword in iconic MMO RuneScape will be familiar with one of the game’s most infamous zones, The Wilderness. Now this arena is getting a huge overhaul that will change the way players and competitors view this backdrop for battle.

Jagex has confirmed that this bit of the world now has an entirely new ruleset, which makes Player-vs-Player combat optional and introduces a brand-new focus on player vs monster experiences. Called Wilderness Reborn, the update adds in a bunch of challenging monster combat, allowing solo and group play as well as brand new area for Slayer skilling.

It’s not all about in game action, and anybody who has only ever seen the pointy end of a sword in this location can now admire it in all its glory. A graphical overhaul and plenty of visual improvements are on show, and you can take a look at the new trailer before leaping in.

As an introduction to this zone, players will want to pick up the brand-new Daughter of Chaos quest. Hand crafted to appeal to both old and new players alike, this provides a streamlined pathway into the update. It also drops a 10% damage reduction and 5% damage boosting bonus while exploring the once-feared battleground.

All in, the new update is an opportunity to explore a once unapproachable area of RuneScape, while starting the Legacy of Zamorak storyline. You can find out more about the updates to RuneScape now over on the official Runescape website.

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