Scavengers Studio’s The Darwin Project announced – Battle Royale redefined

Battle royale redefined...
Darwin project announced

Scavengers Studio, a Montreal-based independent game developer just took the lid off The Darwin Project, a massively innovative take on the burgeoning Battle Royale genre (H1Z1, Battlegrounds). It’s a survivalist/manhunt game that’s due to hit closed beta and early access later this year.  The Darwin Project takes place in a post-apocalyptic landscape in the Northern Canadian Rockies. As preparation for an impending Ice Age, a new half science experiment, half live-entertainment project is launched… enter the Darwin Project. Think Running Man on ice, and with less Arnold.

Showcasing a multiplayer third person survival experience with the core innovation being a feature they’re calling: the manhunt. It’s like the deadliest scenes in recent Tomb Raider games, player on a much grander scale. But Scavengers doesn’t stop there, as The Darwin Project adds elements of a reality show. A ‘Show Director’ calls the shots and controls the arena, to create an entirely new competitive experience. In a twist, the Show Director can control things in the arena, adding a new level of engagement. In this way, it’s like the Hunger Games, with one player being the game master.

Simon Darveau, co-founder of Scavengers Studios:

“We wanted to create a game that heightened the tension and engaged players – and the spectators, in a new way. Our unique gameplay dynamic and addition of a Show Director mode results in a battle royale game closer to the Hunger Games fantasy than ever before. With the Show Director and audience influencing the outcome, it goes well beyond what’s possible with AI alone.”

The Darwin Project will be at PAX East this weekend and players can even get hands on play time. Scavengers Studio will be at Booth #22057 showing it off, hosting competitions and recruiting closed beta testers to run the game through its paces before release on Steam in early access during the Fall 2017.

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