Seiken Densetsu Collection Announced for Switch

Seiken Densetsu

Square Enix has announced that Seiken Densetsu Collection is coming to Switch! The collection will launch in Japan on June 1st. So far there is no word whether, or better, when, it will come west.

Yay but when is Seiken Densetsu coming west exactly?

Well, sadly we don’t know yet. But take off that sad face and look what’s inside: Secret of Mana 1-3! Rest knowing that it will get here sooner or later:

The Collection includes:

  • 1991’s Secret of Mana: Final Fantasy Gaiden
  • 1993’s Secret of Mana 2
  • 1995’s Secret of Mana 3

These aren’t just yesterday’s games either. Each one comes with a host of new stuff including a “save anywhere” feature. If that’s not enough, in 2 and 3, there is multiplayer support for up to three working together.

If you can read Japanese, head here for the official word.

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  1. They could just be ports of the Mobile versions and I’d be happy. SoM was my gateway drug to JRPGs (along with Breath of Fire and FFVI) back in the 90s.

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