Seris Brings Dark Magic into Paladins with Souls & Shadows Update


Seris is the newest Paladins Champion to join with the release of the Souls & Shadows update. She uses dark energy to help allies, travel in the shadow world as well as taking the fight to enemies.

Seris: Oracle of the Abyss

She is quite the “jack of all trades” with a trio of abilities that cover just about everything. Her LMB skill, Soul Orbs, is an attack ability that not only hits a foe, but can travel through it to another as well as stacking up to four times. Her Q ability detonates all of those orbs with deadly accuracy.

On the other side, her RMB ability is a healing skill. She’s required to be in line-of-sight to apply it, but then can scoot around a corner to keep it going.

If that’s not a powerful enough combo for you, she can also “step into the shadows” with her F ability. While active, Seris is immune to damage and is in stealth mode.

Lastly, her ultimate casts a swirling portal into the middle of the fight that, after a short delay, draws all enemies to it. This is a powerful way to gather opponents for allies to take out.

In addition to the new Champion, players will also find some new skins for Mal’Damba, Bomb King and Maeve.

You can check out the full update notes on the Paladins site.

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