Shattered Heaven Offered An In-Depth Look at Gameplay

Shattered Heaven Offered An In-Depth Look at Gameplay

Developer Leonardo Interactive has taken to the Steam page of single-player deck-building RPG Shattered Heaven to offer an in-depth look at the gameplay of three distinct characters: Andora, Magni and Ishana.

Andora is a fast and extremely skilled warrior. She prefers to overwhelm enemies with an endless series of fast and accurate strikes rather than relying on brute force. As the Vestal of Ashram, she is also able to wield the power of thunder. Andora’s gameplay allows her to perform a series of deadly attacks in rapid succession. She is also able to empower herself during battle.

Magni is impressively strong and Andora’s most devoted guardian. He has been training all his life waiting for the moment to become the guardian of the Everchosen. Duty-bound, he becomes the protector who shields his friends and smites their enemies with a poised riposte. Unlike Andora and other characters, Magni unleashes his powers in every turn instead of relying on cooldowns while also having access to powerful self-buffs that allow him to protect his allies from enemy attacks.

Ishana is a blind outcast feared and loathed by everyone in Ashram – despite her infamous reputation, she has been chosen to accompany Andora in the War of Ascension. The mysterious, ever-hungry entity that accompanies her since she was born will surely be a powerful weapon against the enemies of the Thunderborn Vestal – proven that she won’t lose control over her powers…

Ishana’s unique mechanics involve summoning a fiendish beast companion. When it joins the fight, Ishana’s cards will unlock new, powerful effects. Her beast also grants her enhanced control over negative conditions, making her especially apt at inflicting debuffs.

About Shattered Heaven:

In the world of Shattered Heaven, only a select few have survived the fall of God. The only way to break the following curse is to offer a Vestal and a team of valiant warriors as a sacrifice for a ritual lost in time: a violent and bloody battle known as the War of Ascension. But which of the four factions will reach salvation and which are doomed to fall?

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