The Sims 4 – Saddle Up for Horse Ranch Expansion Pack

Developer Maxis and publisher Electronic Arts have announced a brand-new expansion pack coming to The Sims 4. Saddle up, it’s time to go rustic with The Sims 4: Horse Ranch Expansion Pack. The update will be available for PC via EA app, Mac via Origin, Epic Games Store and Steam, PlayStation and Xbox systems on July 20.

In The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Pack, players will have the opportunity to raise, train and form special bonds with majestic Horses, and fall in love with adorable Mini Goats and Mini Sheep. You can saddle up and meander into town to learn all about country living from the locals.

Sims can fill their ranch with animal friends to carve out a life together. Their Horses – including adorable Foals – are part of a Sim’s household and have lots of special interactions with both Sims and other Horses. Sims can shear the Mini Sheep and milk the Mini Goats for Simoleons, eventually inviting locals to come and see how adorable they are!

Are you ready to venture to the Chestnut Ridge? Your new adventure awaits!

The Sims 4 – Horse Ranch Expansion Pack Features:

  • Make a Life — Get up early in the morning, look out at the big open countryside, and know that all your work is worth it. Spend your days keeping your animals happy and clean, harvesting Prairie Grass to feed them, collecting Horse Manure to fertilize your plants, and making your own Nectar to sell. Do it all on a ranch you design, whether that means a traditional cabin or a big red barn.
  • Bond with Animals — Fill your ranch with animal friends and carve out a life together. Your horses — including adorable foals — are part of your household and have lots of special interactions with both Sims and other horses. You can also care for mini goats and mini sheep, and invite neighbors to come see how cute they are.
  • Join a Thriving Community — Living on a ranch has its moments of peace and solitude, but there’s also a lively social scene. Your Sims can go into town to meet friends at the bar, blow off steam at the dance hall, or train at the equestrian park. They can also host events like cookouts and dances on their own property, and hire a ranch hand to help when the work builds up.
  • Raise Horses — Horses are part of the family. Customize hoofed friends in Create a Sim, or get new horses by rescuing or purchasing them. Foals can also be born on your ranch. Sims can learn the Riding skill, and horses can train in the Agility and Jumping skills. Skilled horses and riders can even win awards at the equestrian center.
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