SnowRunner – Season Pass & Premium Edition Trailer

Following the Features Overview and the Explore, Gear Up, Achieve trailers, the developers of the upcoming off-road driving simulator SnowRunner have shared a new video dedicated to the post-launch content, season pass & premium edition.

The post-release content for SnowRunner is split into 4 phases, including huge new maps, new vehicles, and activities to partake in. There will also be free updates and extra content available to all players for free.

  • Phase 1 will begin a few weeks after the release of the game. It will include an additional winter environment set in Russia as well as new missions, in particular, an exciting hunt for the lost wreckage of a WWII bomber. More vehicles will be introduced during this phase. A variety of free content will also be added to the game.
  • Phase 2 will add a brand new Canadian region where you will be leading the construction of a new settlement, participate by delivering materials and tools to workers and witness new buildings popping up in the heart of this hostile environment. More vehicles and skins will be added during Phase 2. Players can also look forward to the free updates.
  • Phase 3 will invite players to Wisconsin through new maps, missions, and activities. The Phase will introduce revamped and reworked Logging activity taking advantage of the massive improvements brought to SnowRunner. More vehicles, skins and free content await.
  • Phase 4 will be concluding the season with an exciting expansion.

SnowRunner launches April 28 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. A Season Pass is available as part of the Premium Edition, featuring new vehicles, maps, activities and much more over several massive constant drops in the months following release. Check out the official site to learn more about the game.

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