Spellbreak Community Highlights: Sugar Wizard Trees & Phoennix

Spellbreak Community Highlights Sugar Wizard Trees

Spellbreak is an epic magic-based Battle Royale. The game will allow you to weave together spectacular spell combinations and craft strategic builds in your quest for survival. While the project is still in the pre-alpha and under NDA, the developers from Proletariat continue sharing community highlights to show potential players what the game looks like even at this early stage. The latest footage comes from the tester named Sugar Wizard Trees.

If you’re in the closed pre-alpha, you can submit your own footage to Proletariat.

Got highlights? We know the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is hard to deal with while Spellbreak is in closed pre-alpha—so we thought we’d come up with a way to let you share your videos with the world. Let us do it for you!

Submit your best highlight reel, trailer, etc. and we will regularly pick out our favorite submissions and add them to our YouTube channel! We will of course give you full credit for your creation (including in the video) and we’ll post about your video on social media, Discord, Reddit, etc. (and link to your channel if you have one!).

You can apply to Spellbreak’s pre-alpha via the official site or by purchasing one of the three available Founder Packs.

Check out previous Community Highlights in the game’s hub!

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