Spiritfall – Release Date Announcement Is Here

Developer Gentle Giant shared a new animated trailer for fast-paced action roguelite Spiritfall to reveal the date when the game will leave Early Access. Mark your calendars: after almost a year of waiting, Spiritfall dashes into full release on the 28th of February.

“Since launching Spiritfall into Early Access in April, we have delivered 10 monthly content updates, received over 600 reviews at 92% Very Positive, and have over grown to over 70,000 wishlists heading into launch. For a small team of 5, we’re extremely proud to have got to this point. It has been a lot of hard work and your support has been invaluable.”

In Spiritfall players will find a tight mix of Platform Fighter combat, nimble movement, and Roguelite mechanics into one potent combination. Slash, smash, launch, and wall-splat a multitude of enemies using an ever-changing arsenal of divine powers.

If your adventure were to be cut short, worry not: death is only a temporary setback. Reawaken stronger than ever at the Sanctum and continue your quest. Use the resources you gathered to upgrade your skills, unlock unique powers, and equip mighty weapons. Meet the divine spirits and acquire their blessings to enhance your abilities in combat. Discover your favorite abilities, and experiment with unique builds.

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