Square Enix Warns of Final Fantasy XIV Server Congestion Ahead of Expansion Launch

Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix is priming Final Fantasy XIV players to be prepared for server congestion when the Endwalker expansion launches on Friday, December 3, 2021. With World of Warcraft experiencing a huge player exodus due to its internal issues, FFXIV has received a massive surge in popularity for MMORPG players. As a result, the ensuing launch of the expansion is likely to cause some serious issues for players as the masses attempt to log in simultaneously. This includes crashes, character creation issues, Error 2002, automatic log-outs, instance wait times, long queues for new areas, and long wait times.

The team has put several systems in place and has detailed its efforts to mitigate the problems players may encounter. However, forewarned is forearmed.

In preparation for these predictions, we optimized our servers ahead of the expansion’s launch in order to increase login caps. On the other hand, due to the ongoing global shortage of semiconductors we have previously mentioned, we were unable to add new Worlds before the release of Endwalker. The addition of new Worlds will still be considered as we procure the necessary server machines.

As such, there is a high likelihood of congestion that will result in Worlds reaching maximum login capacity and lengthy wait times when logging in. We would like to apologize for making this sort of announcement at a time when many of you are looking forward to the expansion, as well as for inconveniences that may be caused by congestion.

Check out the Final Fantasy XIV official site to check out some of the team’s workarounds for issues encountered during the expansion launch.

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